Steam Cleaning Cladding and Re-coating
Failing Cladding Paint

Our operatives recently carried out a steam cleaning cladding project at a site in Trowbridge. The external paintwork had begun to lift and flake. Our client contacted us for our recommended process for removal of the existing paintwork and then re-coating in a specialist cladding paint. The affected elevation was the main entrance to the […]

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Spruce Up Your Commercial Building [Spring 2018]
spruce up commercial building this spring

As the dark nights give way to lighter evenings and the colder damp weather subsides it is an ideal opportunity to inspect your commercial building. Maintenance now can save on costly repair bills in future if you own the building. If you rent can save on end of lease dilapidation costs. Here are the main […]

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Paint Colour of the Year 2018 Predictions
Paint Colour Of The Year 2018

As we approach the last quarter of this year we look at the predictions for most popular colours for 2018.  Previously we have mentioned that colours do seem to go through stages. Just before the millennium a lot of cladded buildings and office windows were coated a dark blue colour. Around the millennium the most […]

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Why Does Paint Fade?
Why Does Paint Fade?

Paint failure on external elements of a building can become unsightly and affect the overall appearance. The initial and subsequent coatings used to provide an identity to a building through colour and it also provides a protective layer to the underlying substrate. The resulting degradation of the coating can affect how potential customers and tenants […]

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How the UK Weather Affects Coatings on External Facades
UK Weather Affects Coatings

The UK is prone to all weather conditions and in certain instances, these can be extreme. These weather conditions can cause damage to external coatings to facades on buildings throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. We look at how the UK Weather affects Coatings on the nation’s buildings and facades. Typical Weather Conditions for Regions in […]

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How Bird Droppings Affect External Paintwork
bird droppings affect external paintwork on buildings

Bird droppings can prove to be a costly experience for commercial building owners. The effects of droppings can vary from unsightly areas on the building façade to complete corrosion of the paint surface. We look at how bird droppings affect external paintwork and the solutions available to remedy the problem. Why do Bird Droppings Cause […]

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Faded Powder Coating- Causes and Prevention
Faded Powder Coating

The appearance of aged powdered coated windows, doors and facades may show signs of significant fading. Powder coating can deteriorate at differing speeds dependent on conditions and if left without appropriate treatment may fail completely. We look at the causes of faded powder coating, how to prevent fading and options available for restoration. Why does […]

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Choosing Logo and Signage Colours
Choosing Logo & Signage Colours

Choosing Logo and Signage Colours We are primed to respond to colour as historically, our survival has depended on it since the colour of certain plants and animals dictates how safe they are for us. Colour shapes our thoughts on a conscious and on a subliminal level and this has its advantages when it comes […]

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Glossary of Architectural Features Found on Commercial Buildings
Glossary Part 1

Glossary of Architectural Features Found on Commercial Buildings When refurbishing metalwork it is wise to know something of the terminology used, so this glossary of architectural features found on commercial buildings may be useful. Architrave: A moulding framing a window or other opening. Armature: Metal arms supporting the brackets that hold up a sign on […]

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Support Your High Street Campaign
High Street

Support Your High Street Campaign The Welsh Government has just launched their ‘Support Your High Street’ campaign, to inspire business owners and the public to rediscover the advantages of shopping in their neighbourhood. The spirit of the campaign in reintegrating high streets back into the hearts of our daily lives and the ideas suggested by […]

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