Why Does Paint Fade?
Why Does Paint Fade?

Paint failure on external elements of a building can become unsightly and affect the overall appearance. The initial and subsequent coatings used to provide an identity to a building through colour and it also provides a protective layer to the underlying substrate. The resulting degradation of the coating can affect how potential customers and tenants […]

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On Site Spraying of a London Bus
London Bus Onsite Paint Spraying

This was an unusual project for Vanda Coatings. Since we have been in business since 1997 we have been asked to spray a variety of items on-site, but never tasked with the spraying of a London Bus. We were contacted by a firm of architects and asked to re-coat a London Bus on site at […]

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How Bird Droppings Affect External Paintwork
bird droppings affect external paintwork on buildings

Bird droppings can prove to be a costly experience for commercial building owners. The effects of droppings can vary from unsightly areas on the building façade to complete corrosion of the paint surface. We look at how bird droppings affect external paintwork and the solutions available to remedy the problem. Why do Bird Droppings Cause […]

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Can You Paint External Metal in Cold Weather?
paint spraying green

Can You Paint External Metal in Cold Weather? Temperature and moisture are known to effect paint application, so painting architectural metal in cold weather and rain should be avoided. Ideally, recoating metalwork in interiors is best done during the winter when inclement weather will have no effect on projects as it does on exterior work. […]

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Architectural Coatings for Metalwork
Architectural Coatings Metalwork

Architectural coatings for metalwork serve two different basic functions, aesthetic and defensive (and often both). They are created to form a decorative layer over anything from the cladding on industrial buildings to the metal legs of a desk in an office. Many architectural coatings are also designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. Accordingly, they […]

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Why HVLP is the Preferred Choice for Painting Metal
HVLP Spray Gun

Why HVLP is the Preferred Choice for Painting Metal HVLP spray guns utilise a High Volume of air at a Low pneumatic Pressure in order to transfer paint or other fluids to a surface. The integrated turbine is similar to types used in vacuum cleaners, but rather than sucking in air, it blows warm air […]

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How Can Specialist Spraying Help in Dilapidations Projects?
Spraying Dilapidations

How Can Specialist Spraying Help in Dilapidations Projects? When a lease on a commercial property comes to an end the premises should be passed back to the owner in the condition according to the details in the contract. The specific terms of a lease are laid out in a legally enforceable covenant. This is a […]

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Refurbishing Facades on Commercial Buildings
Refurbishing facades

Refurbishing Facades on Commercial Buildings The construction industry has suffered in recent years during economic hard times, so refurbishing facades on existing commercial buildings has been a cost effective way of uplifting the built environment. A thorough survey of a business property will highlight areas where restoration is needed. Heavy duty structural repairs may be […]

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Painting Metal Entrance Canopies

Painting Metal Entrance Canopies Canopies can be placed at the entrances of buildings, over walkways or used to provide shelter in outdoor spaces. Designed to serve as a shield from the elements as well as to enhance the aesthetics of a building, a canopy needs to function well and look appealing. They can be expensive […]

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Causes of Paint Failure on Metal
Paint Failure on Metal

Causes of Paint Failure on Metal Some of the reasons of paint failure on metal are: Adhesion Failure: Paint can lose its adhesion to a metal surface and as with most of the issues below, inadequate preparation is often to blame. Specific factors contributing to this particular problem are the failure of a primer being […]

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