Improving the Appearance of Car Showrooms to Increase Customers
car showroom spraying

Improving the Appearance of Car Showrooms to Increase Customers Car manufacturers invest a vast amount of time, effort and money into ensuring their branding of vehicles appeals to the public and it is important that the showrooms reflect this high standard. Image is everything and dealerships housing cars for sale should be in the best […]

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How Car Dealership Spray Painting Attracts More Customers

The branding of dealerships is crucial in promoting the sale of vehicles because image is important to customers. Astute property managers know that a pristinely coated showroom is good for business which is why high quality car dealership spray painting is essential. With this in mind, the Mini dealership in Exeter was being brought up […]

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Curtain Wall Painting BMW Yeovil

Dealership and curtain wall painting was carried out by our Vanda operatives at BMW Yeovil. The green archway was also painted by the team as can be seen in the photo on the right. This attractive architectural feature led into the Mini dealership which was situated in the same commercial building. The re-spraying was part […]

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Car Dealership Spraying | Mini Stratstone Harrogate

Car dealership spraying is a specialty service offered by Vanda Coatings and many UK car companies including Mini Stratstone in Harrogate request our expertise. The Mini has an important place in the history of car design and we were happy to play our part in the upkeep of the Harrogate showroom. The original Mini designed […]

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