Is your business façade fit for Instagram? It may seem trivial asking this question at the moment but the appearance is very important in securing footfall.

The appearance of your building plays an important part in customers perception, especially in retail and the motor sector. Social media plays a part in this and you never know when your business may pop in the background of someone’s video or photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tiktok.

Worrying Retail Figures

With retail footfall declining sharply over the last decade, COVID19 has dealt a hammer blow to many small and large retailers.

Online shopping has come on at a tremendous pace. In November 2006 online retail sales as a percentage of total retail sales were only 2.8%.

This now stands at a whopping 30% in figures show for April 2020 and has probably increased since lockdown measures were introduced in the UK.

internet sales

How Can Retailers Fight Back?

There is no doubting that Amazon is a monster currently and COVID has helped push sales and profits up for them at a time when retail could use the most help.

Shops have just started to re-open with strict rules. This has completely changed the way a consumer shops.

There are mainly two camps with regards to their attitude over the pandemic those who are weary and remain extra cautious and those who are itching to get back and resume their social life. There isn’t a right answer to this and these are unprecedented times.

Retailers and restaurants will need to ensure that they satisfy the safety requirements and guidance set out by the government but there are other factors that persuade customers to shop or eat.

New Opportunities

Younger shoppers are looking for more from their experiences. Social media plays a big part in their whole life. As retail and restaurant trade look to adapt, more of the business is being pushed to the external of the premises.

The retailers and store owners who adapt fastest are the business’s who are getting the majority of customers at the moment.

Creating shared open spaces appears to be an option that councils are pursuing and in early reports of local schemes appear to be enticing people back to local high streets. An example of a local council strategy for getting high streets busy again.

It is strange times for everybody, making places safe, attractive and comfortable for customers in this new environment will set their minds at ease.

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