Bird droppings can prove to be a costly experience for commercial building owners. The effects of droppings can vary from unsightly areas on the building façade to complete corrosion of the paint surface. We look at how bird droppings affect external paintwork and the solutions available to remedy the problem.

Why do Bird Droppings Cause Corrosion?

Bird droppings, also known as guano, contain uric acid. Uric acid is strong enough to corrode paint, lacquer and does so immediately within minutes of landing on the surface. If left over a period of time this can lead to further costly problems like leaks. Of course, there are other factors in the corrosion process like weather, pollution and the local environment.

What’s the solution for bird droppings?

  • Get rid of the little blighters. Call an experienced pest control company who will be able to offer advice on how to remove or discourage the birds from frequenting the area. They will be able to advise on suitable deterrents.
  • Clean affected areas immediately. The longer the guano is left on the surface the more damage that it can cause. Call in a specialist cleaning company or do it yourself by using specialist products. It is strongly advised to call in a cleaning company as the faeces could contain some diseases, some nastier than others.
  • A good inspection and maintenance programme will help identify areas. The cost of deterring birds is more cost effective than replacement.


What are the areas normally affected by bird droppings?

Commercial buildings can take the brunt of bird droppings. Pidgeon’s and Seagulls are normally the enemies in this scenario. Metal clad buildings can be affected by this both visually and physically. The roof cladding and vertical wall cladding can be exposed to the guano and over time this causes corrosion to the paintwork.

There are many instances where the guano completely eats away at the paintwork and takes it back to the metal surface or cause rusting, delamination and other issues. Life expectancy of the paintwork dramatically decreases with constant exposure to bird droppings.

Roof guttering is an area that can be affected also. Droppings can clog gutters, cause corrosion and cause long term damage.  An inspection and maintenance programme is advised.

Powder coated Window frames, doors, canopies and store fronts are sections that are susceptible to the effects of bird guano if they are on their flight path or nesting nearby.


Can the paintwork on metal be rejuvenated?

Yes. Bird droppings affect external paintwork and There are different options dependent on the areas affected by the birds. Certain areas are more susceptible to attack due to their location i.e near landfill, city centre areas and coastal towns.

We look at each project individually to advise on the correct solution. If your building cladding or roof paintwork has been affected by an attack of bird droppings we have a solution, and a different solution for powder coated areas like windows, doors and canopies. Contact us for further information.