Appearance of Building Driving Customers Away

Is your Building’s Appearance Driving Customers Away?

Is your Building’s Appearance Driving Customers Away?

Many businesses are inadvertently driving customers away because the exterior of their premises looks dirty or outdated and this can mean the difference between surviving or not in these challenging economic times. The good news is that attracting customers into a shop, restaurant or any other commercial enterprise isn’t as complicated as it seems and a little thought into the type of refurbishment of an exterior can make a huge difference in the turnover of any business. Is your building’s appearance driving customers away?

Even though a large proportion of buying and selling takes place online, many people do still like the physical act of going into a shop or restaurant and consequently, the outside appearance of a business is extremely important in influencing whether a customer actually goes inside or not. This is backed up by extensive research and the most recent Omnibus survey carried out by Morpace shows that the outward look of the business is a significant factor influencing whether or not a consumer chooses to shop there.

The market research revealed that 95% of consumers stated that the external appearance of a shop is vital in determining whether or not they would choose to actually enter premises. What’s more, this finding applied to a large range of retailers from restaurants to supermarkets. 52% of subjects in the research were also put off by the exterior of premises and said they had avoided going inside if the outside looked dirty or because it seemed old or outdated.

These figures show it is worth investing in improving the outward appearance of any type of business in order to attract new customers. Most people are receptive to trying somewhere new and it makes sense that if a business looks smart from the outside more people are going to take the chance of seeing what is inside. Consequently, it is crucial that retailers incorporate the external presentation of their business in their general marketing strategy and this need not be expensive. A quick spray paint of window frames and doors or cladding can make all the difference in improving the appearance, but it also means you don’t need to fork out for replacements and it will prolong the life of this metal work. Choose a company that specialises in on-site painting out of normal business hours, so that you can continue to operate as normal and not lose any trade. Furthermore, there are experts in electrostatic painting which is a technique used to minimise overspray as well as resulting in a beautifully sleek finish. A finish that matches one created on the factory floor is well worth investing in and will have the subliminal effect of a customer thinking they are visiting a business that is flawless and fresh.

Once a customer is inside the premises then other factors influence whether they go back. According to this research by Morpace, over 80% of subjects stated they hadn’t returned to a shop because of issues inside. At 68%, the most important reason for customers not returning was bad customer service. 53% couldn’t find what they were looking for and 32% of consumers perceived the shop to be dirty which shows that the interior appearance is important as well as the exterior. Simply re-spraying ceilings can give the effect of an extensive refurbishment of a business and can freshen up premises without the enormous expense of replacement. Many elements of perception work on a subconscious level, so re-coating window frames or metal furniture can be a cost effective option when it comes to ensuring the customer feels they are in an immaculately clean and up to date environment.

Almost 80% of consumers admitted that they had visited a business that they wouldn’t normally have done during the past 6 months. If this is the case then any business has the potential to tempt new customers through the door and once inside, if the premises look good and the customer service is positive then chances are those new customers will return and your business will continue to thrive.

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