When it comes to re-coating aluminium windows for your home or business, the gloss level of the paint plays a pivotal role in aesthetics and practicality. Over the past four years, customer preferences have spoken volumes about the trends in window finishes. Let’s delve into the latest trends to help you make an informed choice for your next project.

Gloss Level choices by Vanda Coatings Customers

The Reign of Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss finishes have consistently been the go-to choice, with 66% of customers preferring this versatile finish over the last four years. Its subtle sheen provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface that resists the rigours of weather and wear. Whether you’re looking for a modern touch or a classic look, semi-gloss offers a timeless appeal that complements various architectural styles.

Matt on the Move

Our analysis shows a clear uptick in the popularity of matt finishes. This trend mirrors the shift towards minimalist and contemporary design, where the understated elegance of matt surfaces brings a sophisticated and modern edge to exteriors. The matt finish’s ability to mask fingerprints and smudges makes it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Stable Selections

For those who prefer a middle ground, eggshell and satin finishes have maintained a steady preference rate. These finishes offer a soft glow that can warm up any space without the reflectivity of higher gloss levels, striking a perfect balance for residential and commercial properties alike.

Gloss Level Choices on Aluminium Windows

Gloss – The Uncommon Choice

Interestingly, high-gloss finishes have taken a back seat in recent years. While they provide a brilliant shine that can make colours pop, their propensity to highlight imperfections may have contributed to their lesser popularity in the aluminium window market.

The Future of Finishes

As we look towards the future, the rising interest in matt finishes suggests that the market is moving towards more modern and low-maintenance options as we look towards the future. The data points to a significant opportunity for innovation in matt finish, with enhanced durability and weather-resistant properties.


Choosing the correct gloss level for your aluminium windows can significantly impact the functionality and style of your property. With the enduring popularity of semi-gloss and the emerging preference for matt, we are prepared to meet your design needs and personal tastes.

Craig Smeed
Craig has over 23 years experience of spraying on construction and refurbishment sites. He started in 2001 as an electrostatic paint sprayer on site before becoming contracts manager and director. Craig specialises in the technical application of spraying.