Green Dragon Environmental Management System

Green Dragon Environmental Management System

At Vanda Coatings we care a great deal about the environment and take our responsibility very seriously, so we are happy to announce we have been awarded a Level 1 from the Green Dragon Environmental Management System. Our company has always had an environmental policy which emphasises our commitment to protecting the world in which we live and work. This policy is compliant with UK legislation, but goes further particularly regarding the way we handle, store, use and dispose of any chemicals when spraying architectural metalwork. Our priority is the safety of our staff and the public and we constantly strive to improve our environmental performance.
Many contractors require a supplier to show they have an official environmental management scheme such as an ISO 14001 certificate. Businesses that are working towards ISO 14001 have to complete all the sections in order to be certified. If insufficient steps are taken to reduce the negative impact the operation of a company has on the environment then a certificate will not be awarded. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t making an effort to improve environmentally and the great thing about Green Dragon is that it recognises these achievements.

Green Dragon is a supportive organisation that assesses a company in terms of their environmental policies and allocates a certificate according to the level they are at. So unlike ISO 14001 the result is not all or nothing. The Green Dragon process of inspection is recognised internationally as it is carried out by a UKAS Accredited Inspection Body. The inspection process assesses the level an organisation is at regarding its environmental management standard and the Green Dragon certification consists of 5 levels. Each stage represents a step towards accomplishing ISO 14001 and EMAS which are both acknowledged worldwide.

Vanda Coatings have been awarded a level 1 certificate for Commitment to Environmental Management. This level consists of essential components which were thoroughly examined by a Green Dragon Inspector during their audit. The directors and managers at Vanda Coatings have reliably been committed to taking responsibility for the way the company operates in terms of its impact on the environment. Accordingly, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) and an ‘Environment Champion’ to ensure we continually uphold and update our commitment to protecting the environment. The Environmental Review assessed our EMS as well as our Environmental Policy and the methods we use to monitor our strategies. This monitoring system concerns our energy use, water use, waste management and legal responsibilities. All of the above measures were deemed to satisfy the criteria for Level 1 and we aim to constantly improve with a view to continuous and incremental accreditation with Green Dragon.


Anthony is a director of Vanda Coatings. He has been with the company since 2000. For further information relating to any aspect of the business please feel free to contact him.

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